The CM/GC process is broken down into two contract phases. The first contract phase, the design phase, allows the contractor to work with the designer and the project owner to identify risks, provide costs projections and refine the project schedule. Once the design phase is complete, the contractor and project owner negotiate on the price for the construction contract. If all parties are in agreement with costs then the second contract phase, the construction phase, is kicked off and construction begins.

There are advantages to using the CM/GC process. The contractor acts as the consultant in the design process and can offer new innovations, best practices and reduced costs and schedule risks as a result of the contractor’s years of proven experience doing the actual work. This process also allows the project owner to employ new innovations, assist in the design process, and make informed decisions regarding cost and schedule.

Our Construction Services include:

  • Regular Project Meetings with the Owner & Design Team
  • Schedule & Facilitate Pre-Construction / Pre-Installation Meeting Requirements
  • Schedule & Facilitate MEP Coordination Meetings
  • Daily Management & Coordination of Field Operations
    • Scheduling
    • Quality Control
    • Cost Control
    • Safety
  • Management & Coordination of Subcontractors’ Field Operations
  • Weekly Jobsite Meetings with Our Foremen & Subcontractors’ Foremen
  • Schedule & Confirm Lead Times/Delivery Dates for Shop Drawings & Submittals
  • Schedule & Confirm Lead Times/Delivery Dates for Material & Equipment
  • Coordination of Plans & Specifications with Field Conditions
  • Coordination of Shop Drawings, Submittals, RFIs, PRs, SIs, etc. with Field Conditions
  • Coordination of Shop Drawings, Submittals, RFIs, PRs, SIs, etc. with Plans & Specifications
  • Compliance of Work with Plans & Specifications
  • Schedule & Facilitate Testing & Inspection Requirements
  • Obtain Temporary Permits & Certificates Necessary for Construction
  • Obtain Temporary & Permanent Certificates of Occupancy
  • Development & Completion of Contractors Punch List
  • Delivery of the Project On Time or Ahead of Schedule
  • Delivery of the Project Within or Under Budget
  • One (1) Year Warranty Walk-Through with Owner